Bereaved Cork Father Believes More Lives Will Be Lost On Irish Roads After Failure To Enact Legislation For Learner Drivers

A Cork father whose wife and daughter were killed in a road crash involving an unaccompanied learner driver believes more lives are being lost due to the Government's failure to enact legislation

Legislation was passed by the Dail and signed by the President 10 months ago which would make car owners respnsible for their cars in the event of an unaccompanied learner driver being stopped at a checkpoint or involved in a collision... 


However no commencement date has been set so the law is not in operation...


Noel Clancy's wife Geraldine and daughter Louise were killed outside Fermoy in December 2015 after their car was flipped into a ditch in a collsiion involving a learner driver..


Speaking to RedFM News Noel says the figures speak for themseleves as 42 people died between 2012 and 2016 in crashes involving learner drivers:

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