Airbnb is seeking 12 people to live anywhere for free for a whole year

Airbnb has launched a ''Live Anywhere on Airbnb'' programme which involves 12 travelers spending a whole year living in rentals around the world.

Airbnb announced the "Live Anywhere on Airbnb'' opportunity. The aim, the company explained, is to have 12 lucky people share "their unique experiences with Airbnb," which "could help inform future product upgrades and innovations on the platform, helping to lay the groundwork for the future of nomadic living."

The input of the travelers could shape product changes and resources that would improve the long-term living experience, help define ideal accommodations for solo travelers or groups like families, and even help to better understand the financial benefits of Hosting while traveling.

In return, Airbnb will cover the cost of accommodation and provide an allowance for transportation for the duration of the program.

''Whether you are looking to join Zoom meetings by the beach, take your family on the ultimate road trip, or learn a new language in a favorite city—this program is for you. We’ll ask that you share your experiences with us which could help shape the future of travel and living on Airbnb.'' it says on the website.

If participants are looking to earn an extra income while they travel they can host their primary residence on Airbnb.

Applicants must be over 18, and they are accepting applicants from Ireland

if you are interested apply here before June 30.

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