First Dates Ireland viewers fell in love with another elderly couple on last night's show

First Dates Ireland fans were loving one elderly couple on last night's show.

Once again viewers were left emotional after a date between elderly couple Denis and Marie.

Marie, whose husband passed away from lung cancer said she was lonely for so long that she stopped talking about it, '' you can't keep telling people how lonely you are'' she said.

Denis also lost his wife of 56 years who had Alzheimer's. While Denis was caring for his wife he was going through treatment for colon cancer. Denis said '' She didn't know what I was going through but thank God, I got through it''. Denis added '' The bit of loneliness is always there''.


In the end, Denis said he would like to see Marie again. However, Marie thought he needed more time to process his grief, which he agreed with. Marie said '' I feel Denis has a little while to go yet to be on his own. I think he probably still is grieving''.

Denis replied '' I think Marie is spot on

''She's the first person to say that to me and she's on the ball''


The couple decided not to go on a second date leaving viewers heartbroken.

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