Netflix announce new shows and movies that are landing in June

Take a look at what will hit the streaming service this month.

June 4th - Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet.


David Attenborough returns to Netflix with this sobering documentary about the rapid destruction of the planet. Breaking Boundaries tells the story of the most important scientific discovery of our time - that humanity has pushed Earth beyond the boundaries that have kept Earth stable for 10,000 years, since the dawn of civilization. The 75-minute film takes the audience on a journey of discovery of planetary thresholds we must not exceed, not just for the stability of our planet, but for the future of humanity. It offers up the solutions we can and must put in place now if we are to protect Earth’s life support systems. Based on the book by Johan Rockström and Owen Gaffney, it concentrates on their ideal of “planetary stewardship”, our responsibility to Earth, a rethinking of humankind’s relationship with the environment and how the next decade will be the most important one in terms of shaping the future and preventing irrevocable damage.


June 4th Sweet Tooth 

Based on the beloved DC Comic, and Executive Produced by Susan Downey & Robert Downey Jr., Sweet Tooth is a post-apocalyptic fairytale about a hybrid deer-boy and a wandering loner who embark on an extraordinary adventure. All episodes of Sweet Tooth premiere June 4th, 2021, only on Netflix. Sweet Tooth’s central premise may test even the heartiest of viewers: it revolves around a “mysterious virus” known as the Sick, which ravages half the world’s population and leaves those behind cloaking their faces in masks and generally living in dystopian despair by way of Deliveroo. What could be a terrifying summation of the past year turns weird when an alarming discovery is made: living within this half-feral society are strange human-animal hybrids who are immune to the disease. Blamed for the creation of the virus, this new species is banished to the outskirts of society.


June 11th Lupin Season 2

The surprise sensation of lockdown is back. Assane Diop (Omary Sy), the modern-day gentleman burglar, is still trying to clear his father’s name, exact revenge on the powerful Pellegrini, locate his kidnapped son and outfox the police without breaking a sweat under his stylish flat cap.

Lupin’s flashy but old-fashioned crime-caper thrills made it a smash hit, with the French fancy ratcheting up record-breaking streams in January. It remains to be seen whether the completion of this adventure will see Sy bid adieu to the series or if it’s just the beginning of an exhilarating new franchise.


June 23rd Too Hot To Handle Season 2

The show involves a bunch of singletons being transported to an exotic location where they hope to find love, but there’s a catch — they are forbidden from kissing, canoodling, and self-gratification. Every fumble results in their $100,000 cash prize dropping.


June 30th Sophie: A Murder In West Cork 

The 1996 murder of the French television producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier left an indelible mark on the Irish psyche. After the acclaimed, thoroughly researched West Cork podcast, now come the inevitable documentaries. The lead-up to the 25th anniversary of the murder has seen renewed interest in the case, with two true-crime series ready for release.

This three-part documentary, directed by John Dower (My Scientology Movie) and coproduced by the Oscar-winner Simon Chinn (Searching for Sugarman, Man on Wire), is not to be confused with Jim Sheridan’s Murder in the Cottage, another film focusing on the story, which will be shown by Sky later this year.

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork explores the notorious case that became a “national obession” and examines the justice system in Ireland and France. The series has been given the full support of the du Plantier family; it features commentary by and interviews with them as well as Sophie’s son, Pierre-Louis Baudey-Vignaud, and those involved in the investigation.


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