RTE viewers thrilled to see a trans man on First Dates Ireland last night on a date with Muirenn from Cork

Last night's episode of 'First Dates Ireland' introduced us to Harry, a 28-year-old trans man, who was looking to find love at the restaurant.

Harry from Belfast was matched up with 24-year-old Cork student Muirenn, and the pair hit it off immediately. Harry talked about the stigma attached to being a trans man in Ireland, and his story touched many viewers of the show.


He also opened up being homeless while studying his A levels.

He spoke about the "small-town mentality" in Ireland, saying: "I don't see it as a big deal but a lot of people do.

"It's a lot of energy to explain to someone, I don't have time for that always!

"There is a stigma around it and it's not particularly nice being on the receiving end."


Harry and Muirenn both enjoyed their date but went their separate ways at the end, however, viewers were filled with praise for Harry after his appearance.



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