WATCH: Brand New Carpool Karaoke Alert!

James Corden is back with new celebrities helping to get him to work!

In this edition of the popular segment from his Late Late Show in the U.S. we see Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas accompany the chat show host to work.

The pair are set to tour North America together next month hence being on the promotion trail. Lovato and Jonas, who are "celebrating their 10th year of friendship" take on some of their best hits in the car with Corden as well as getting out of the car and trying their hand at busking. They start the journey discussing who they have dated with Demi previously in a relationship with Nick's brother Joe Jonas and Nick in a relationship with Demi's friend Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. We also find out when Jonas decided to ditch his purity ring. The two singers talk about the strangest things their fans have done.

Earlier in the year Corden told Entertainment Weekly about his wishlist for stars to appear on his popular Carpool Karaoke.

“We’ve got a couple of Carpools lined up which I hope people will like,” Corden said. “We want everybody to come and do our show, but of course [we’d love to have] Beyonce, Prince [before the singer died] and Bruno Mars.”

He also added "I really want to do one with Sam Smith. I feel like I’ve got some really good harmonies [already] worked out for his songs.”

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