Are these three luxury primers really worth the money?



As a makeup artist, skin is always the first thing I think about when doing a makeup look, regardless of whether it’s a natural one or something with a bit more dramatic flair. Foundation, concealer and powder all play a part in creating a beautiful base but so too does a good primer. But what constitutes a good primer? And do you have to spend big to get the best results?


I’ve tried countless formulas over the years (in varying price brackets) and have always had my favourites, but I decided to branch out recently, testing three luxury primers I’ve never used before to see if they’re really worth the moolah. Here’s how I got on.

Kevyn Aucoin The Primed Skin Developer €67.99 (Space NK)

Designed to be not only a primer but also a treatment for skin, working to refine the texture and tone while you’re wearing it. I bought this as a little present for myself last week as I’ve always wanted to try it. In my experience, any of the Kevyn Aucoin products I’ve tried have been really good, so I had high hopes, which thankfully, were met.

What I like about this primer is that it has a very light, gel texture which glides over skin, making it feel like it’s drenched in water. Once it soaks in, you’re left with a smooth base that foundation blends over seamlessly for a smoother, more flawless finish. Throughout the day, any areas that I know would normally get oily had more of a soft glow that looked healthy rather than shiny. So, yes, it’s an expensive purchase, but you only need a tiny amount meaning in the long run, it’ll last longer than a normal primer so I, for one, didn’t mind the initial investment.

Is there a dupe? Not really, but the closest thing I can think of would be theBourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer (€15.99), which, also has a light texture and gives skin a subtle glow.


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