Beach Bodies - we have you covered!

So unlike most things online now, no we’re not here to give you 7minute abs or a shocking weightloss diet, instead we have the perfect attire to have you rockin’ your bikini bod no matter what shape you’re in! With weather signs all over Ireland, lets hope you’re one of the luckier ones getting away and if so here are your must have bikinis..



1) Asos Tricot Matched Longline Bikini (around 40€ for the set)

For someone trying to cover more than others, this is the ideal duo. The colour is summery, the price is cheap and the fit is bound to be flattering around the tummy area :) These long bottoms are very 60s style but are making a heavy comeback!



2) Missguided Crochet Black Bikini (around 38€ for the set)

Crochet is a big number these days come summertime. We absolutely adore this set paired with the gold tummy chain and could definitely picture this being strutted at a pool party abroad. Black is always a trusting number and the strappy sides are all in these days!


3) Asos Cross Over Beige Bikini (around 40€ for the set)

This beige number is for more of you sallow skinned beauties! The cross over effect is a great plunge friend to have on the bust area and this colour is so beautiful with a tan (we’re not judging is its helped with some tinted moisturiser! :) ). The silky material is super comfortable too so this is a must have in our eyes!


4)Missguided Racer Bikini (around 25€ for the set)

This racer set is unusual enough in a bikini format but can look so lovely on. Definitely a best friend to the less gifted in the chest area as it gives you a more athletic look in the bikini, which none of us are going to say no to! We love how the black is broken up with the striped band and at a great price too.


5) Missguided Colour Block Bikini (around 25€ for the set)

We couldn’t leave this post without including the ultimately popular colour block bikinis. These guys are a great way to add in a bit of colour to your bikini wardrobe and are a statement in themselves. We are loving this peach on pink combo and hope you do too. This set is at a great price - be aware of those charging crazy prices for these bikinis, at  bit of shopping around will show you there are much more competitive prices out there - like this one :)