Could This New Moisturiser Be The Lazy Girl’s Dream?

I believe there are two types of working women in the world: the type who go to bed before midnight and get up at a decent hour in the morning. They always have time to choose their outfit and carefully apply their makeup and even have a bite to eat before setting off on their commute and arriving at the office five minutes early.

Then there are the ones who watch just one more episode of Jessica Jones and end up going to bed at 2 am, hit the snooze button ten times before finally falling out of bed and apply their makeup on the bus. I think you can guess which camp I fall under.

I never, ever have time in the morning for a proper routine, even on weekends, so I have to say I was genuinely intrigued with the new moisturiser I came across last night at the launch of new beauty goodies. The 7-in-One Olay Total Effects Featherweight Moisturiser SPF 15  has basically been designed for lazy lumps like me (or in other words, busy career ladies who are constantly on the go); it is incredibly lightweight and it soaks in within seconds. I tried it on my hand last night and my face this morning and it’s true.

The lovely lady at the event told me that it’s suitable for all skin types and, because it has anti-ageing properties, it’s perfect for my old hag skin (although she didn’t put it quite like that, she said anyone over the age of 25 could benefit from it).  The seven effects in question are:

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Restores firmness
  • Moisturises
  • Brightens
  • Evens tone
  • Smoothes texture
  • Refines the look of pores

The main draw of this to me is definitely the lightweight feel and how quickly it soaks in. It also has an SPF 15 which is helpful because I’m holding my hands up and admitting that sometimes I’m bad at sun-screening myself. Yes, it’s just joined my morning products arsenal.

The 7-in-One Olay Total Effects Featherweight Moisturiser SPF 15 will hit shelves in April and will retail at €22.

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