Does This Bioderma Collection Rescue Dehydrated Skin?


Dehydrated skin, it’s something that most of us suffer with on and off, regardless of whether our skin is naturally oily, combination or dry.  The changeable weather doesn’t make things any easier either, so when a helping hand is offered – it seems rude not to investigate.

Enter Hydrabio from French pharmacy favourite Bioderma; a collection designed specifically for dehydrated and sensitive skin. There are five products in the collection which promises to restore comfort and radiance to skin thanks to a patented secret ingredient: Aquagenium. What is that I hear you ask? Well, here’s what they say about it:


Aquagenium: “Mimics the moisturising action of the skin. Containing Vitamin PP and apple seed extract, it stimulates the synthesis of aquaporin and inter-corneocyte lipids making it possible for the natural moisturising factors to properly carry out their role.” 


Here’s the low-down on the five products in the collection and my thoughts on whether they deliver:

L-R: Micellar water // Gel Creme // Exfoliator // Serum // Moisturising Cream

  • Hydrabio H2O €11.50

When you say Bioderma to someone, their first thought is usually micellar water, so it’s fitting that they could include it in each collection. To date, I’ve tried the Sensibio (my favourite!), Sebium and now of course, Hydrabio micellar water. As with the others, this does the trick in terms of removing make-up and leaving your skin clear for further cleansing (if you wish). When compared to the Sebium version (for oily/problematic skin) there is a noticeable difference in how hydrated your skin is left, but when compared to the Sensibio (for sensitive skin) the only thing I really noticed was that Hydrabio has a fresh, “aqua” fragrance to it.

  • Hydrabio Serum €22

A lightweight, very refreshing gel formula that sinks into skin easily meaning you can add moisturiser on top straight after application. As with all serums, you have to give them time before really knowing if they’re working or not, but so far so good.

  • Hydrabio Gel-Creme – €18.50

This is probably my favourite product from the collection; the gel creme formula is light enough that someone with oily/combination skin can wear it without going really shiny mid-day but it also keeps dehydrated patches in check too. Works well under foundation too as there’s no residue once applied.

  • Hydrabio Creme – €18.50

This is a step up in terms of richness from the Gel Creme and it really does leave your skin looking more radiant from the minute you apply it. It’s geared towards those who need an injection of moisture but also have dryer skin in general. It feels lovely to wear and, as I’m more combination skin, worked a treat as a night cream rather than during the day.

  • Hydrabio Gommage – €12.50

You can’t have brighter skin without first tackling what is making it dull in the first place, so it makes total sense that there’s an exfoliator in the collection. Initial tests on the back of my hand indicated that all would be well but when it came to actually using it, unfortunately, this one felt harsh on my skin. Not a great sign considering it’s meant to be for dehydrated andsensitive skin.

Over all, the Hydrabio range delivers what it says it will in terms of hydration; skin is left feeling fresh, plumped and ready for the day. My top picks are the Micellar Water, Serum and Gel-Creme. When it comes to the sensitivity side of things, I’m not so certain as all the products are fragranced, (albeit with a beautiful fresh scent) which might put some people off. So for my mind, dehydrated skin = yes, whereas, sensitive skin = ?


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