Five things that might happen when you stop wearing makeup



For the past five months, I have been on a makeup ban. It’s not that I ran out of foundation and didn’t bother replacing it (because that would neverhappen); I have embarked on a skin care journey to reduce my acne scarring, which has involved not only not wearing makeup but skin resurfacing, peels and retinol cream.

When it’s all over, I will be writing about the whole thing in detail, but for now, I want to share with you some unexpected things that happened when I stopped wearing makeup.

  • Your skin might clear up

Most makeup contains a high content of chemicals to prolong shelf life. Those chemicals can alter your hormone levels and clog your pores, especially if you forget to remove it properly at night time before sleep. So, you can imagine the benefits of not wearing any makeup at all and following a skin routine tailored to your skin needs.

  • You might look younger

When you leave your skin bare, you might just find that you start to get asked for ID when you go to buy your bottle of wine on a Friday. It made me feel youthful that’s for sure, until I actually didn’t get served because I had no ID on me and then it was just an inconvenience.

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