Foundation Adjusters From The High Street That May Change Your Life

There’s nothing more annoying that buying a new foundation to come home and find that it’s the wrong shade. From conversations I’ve had with clients in the past, it, unfortunately, seems to happen a lot. The reason could be down to anything from a formula being changed, to a sales assistant leading you down the garden path to help get a speedy sale, to bad lighting in a shop. Whatever the reason, it’s a pain in the backside, isn’t it?

Enter, foundation adjusters, which as you can imagine, are designed to help tweak the shade of your foundation so that it suits a person’s skin tone perfectly. Until now, most of the options have come from makeup artist brands such as Make Up Forever or Face Atelier but now there are two new kids on the block from high street favourite The Body Shop.

The shade lightening and shade darkening drops are €17 each, both are highly pigmented meaning you only need a tiny amount to change the colour of your base. The formula is very light so won’t change the consistency or finish of your makeup, something that can sometimes happen when you mix two different foundations together.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation €25.50

To show you how the drops work, I took the Fresh Nude Foundation €25.50 in shade 045 (which you can see if a deep, warm tone), and “adjusted” it.  Below, the original shade is in the middle, then the lightened version is to the left and darkened is to the right. The foundation adjusters are neutral so it means you’re simply darkening or lightening and don’t have to worry about cool or warm tones etc.

To see how it works, head on over to