Get the Look: Mariah Carey

So its been a while since we’ve seen the familiar face of Mariah hit our screens but we just thought she was glowing in recent pics of her hosting in Las Vegas. Something very JLo-esque about her look so we thought we’d give you a sample of some products to recreate this classic smokey eye look!

1) Face;

Her face is definitely looking glowing and sculpted, very much a Kim K kind of contour! Start with your preferred medium-full coverage foundation. Then using a matte powder such as MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish shade along the forehead, down the sides of the nose and into the cheekbones - spare no mercy here! With a blush its all about that sheen so NARS’ Orgasm will give you that lovely peachy glow finish.


2) Eyes;

Her lashes are really popping in this look - you don’t have to go as big if you’re just not feeling it! Define your brows using a brow pencil, Ingot has released new lovely ones! Shade along the lid and into the crease with a warm toned brown such as MAC’s Antiqued and line the upper lid and waterline with black, Urban Decay’s Zero 24/7 pencil will do the job.


3) Lashes;

Her lashes on top are doing more of the talking so for experiment purposes, leave your bottom lashes mascara free if you can! Ardell’s ‘Demi Wispies’ lashes are beautiful on and will definitely give the lift and fluttery edge that Mariah has.


4) Lips;

Her lips are a soft nude that doesn’t wash her out. Line the lips with MAC’s Whirl lip liner, sketching slightly towards the inner part of the lip also, fill around the lip and particularly in the centre with Inglot’s lip pot in no.51. This pot will last you a lifetime and is the prefect balance between lipstick and lipgloss!


Don’t forget to send us a snap of some your recreations - we’re on snapchat (corksredfm) and would love to see them!