Hairstyles: Loose Side Plait

We absolutely love the effortless yet beautiful look of the loose side plait, so we teamed up with TRESemmé to show you how to create it step by step.

1) Prepping the hair is vital, much like the skin for makeup; it is the base for any look so it’s important that it’s at its best! The TRESemmé range helps you to achieve that salon finish look all from the comfort of your own home. For this relaxed look start with the 24 Body Collection. TRESemmé’s 24 Hour Body Shampoo & Conditioner is powered by a unique system of volume control complex and silk proteins which help keep the bounce in the hair with a perfect level of conditioning - ideal for creating a voluminous style!


2) Before drying your hair, make sure to apply some of TRESemme Heat Defence Spray which will protect your tresses against heat whilst conditioning and smoothing. Remember to dry in the opposite direction to the parting for extra volume.


TIP: If you haven’t got time to wash your hair spritz hair with TRESemmé’s Volumising Dry Shampoo which refreshes and revives the hair giving its fresh and voluminous look - exactly what we’re after!


4) Taking your hair all to one side, loosely gather it together. Plait from just below the ear down to the end of the hair making sure there is body and volume in the upper part.  Slowly pull the plait apart by picking out small strands after securing it with a hair tie - this creates an even looser and more laid-back look.


5) To finish off the look spray some of TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray which will achieve maximum hold with extra flyaway control so your style stays intact. This hairspray is also humidity-resistant and leaves no stiffness or stickiness!