Make-Up: How To Pop Your Eye Colour!

So with such a big choice when it comes to eyeshadows we can often feel a bit lost or get stuck in a rut of choosing the same boring browns - the safe colours. Here's a quick guide on what colours you may consider choosing to pop your eye colour - and its so simple!! :) 


1) Blue Eyes;

Naturally the blue in people's eyes can vary but generally speaking orange is THE best complimentary colour to pop the blue. So for those of you who fear the orange its not that it has to be a fiery shade on the eye, opting for a copper or lighter gold will still work beautifully! A perfect shade is MAC's 'Coppering' for 16.50euro 


2) Green Eyes;

Again, its not to say that oranges won't suit green eyes but if you're looking to really pop the eye colour a nice red lippy or a purple eyeshadow works wonders! Instead of thinking along the lines of a neon purple, think more burgudy, the perfect substitute for a smokey brown shade such as Kiko Cosmetics Burgundy shadow for 6.00euro 


3) Brown Eyes;

So brown eyes are known as the fortunate ones where so many colours such as green, purples and bronzes really suit them. This is true but a rusty bronze is beautiful on. The perfect example would be Urban Decay's 'Baked' which is 18.00euro.  


4) Hazel Eyes;

With hazel eyes, you will bring out the brown or green in the eye depending on what you choose to wear. Therefore both colours above for Brown and Green eyes will work but for the sake of showcasing a new a colour a stonebased green can be be stunning on! A great example is Urban Decay's Bender for 18.50euro 


* Tip - if you're not one for colour and you love to wear your browns, try sticking these optimal colours under the lash line for them to reflect straight into the eye! That way you are incorporating them without there being so much colour!