Make-Up: Eyeliner Essentials

With so many products to choose from these days its no wonder we get a bit baffled from all the options. Here are some different eyeliners to be used in various ways, its not all feline flicks only around here..


1) Inglot Gel Liner no.77 €15.00;

This is definitely the creme de la creme of all gel liners. It is super jet black, lovely and moist and gives the perfect flick with teamed with the perfect brush. An all time favourite for that feline look!

2) Benefit HighBrow €22.50 ;

This white kohl pencil is a great way to wake you up in the morning! Its actually meant to go under your brows to highlight but can be preferred when applied along the waterline for that instantly refreshed look.

3) NYX Jumbo Pencil Rust €4.00;

These NYX pencils are fantastic as they can double up on what you need them to do. When applied lightly this gorgeous cranberry, rustic toned pencil will line the eye or you can blend it out to create a shadow look. So moist and easy to use! 

4) MAC Coffee Pencil €18.00;

This kohl pencil is a brown toned shade that is the perfect alternative to black. It will give a lovely sultry look without closing the eye too much which is what some people fear with black.

5) Urban Decay 24/7 'Zero'  Eye Pencil €19.00;

We could not complete this list without adding our all-time trusted black kohl. This Urban Decay 'Zero' is jet black and moist enough to be buffed out around the eye for that super effortlessly smokey look. It can also be worn on the waterline for extreme intensity!