Make-Up: The Handy Extras For Your Make-Up Bag!

As a makeup artist I have definitely have an overload of products - completely unnecessary for the average makeup lover! However, there are some tools I would always recommend having either in your makeup bag or stacked at your makeup station, they're the little essentials that go unnoticed but make all the difference!


1) Duraline;

This product is sold at Inglot cosmetics. It is a fantastic multi-purpose liquid. For any of your eyeliners or gel pots that have dried up and become difficult to use, one small drop of this and they're back to life! its also great for when applying a matte lipstick thats particularly drying, it will add a bit of texture to the lip without taking away from the matte finish.

2) Cotton Buds;

Don't ever fear making mistakes in makeup, you can always clean up and these little remover pads are brilliant to have by your side. One swipe with baby oil with take away any eyeliner mishaps, and if you get the dots of mascara on the top of the lid, don't panic, one dab with these and its gone, no need to remove the whole eye in frustration!

3) Sharpener;

We've all done it before - too lazy to find a sharpener and nearly taken the eyes or lips off ourselves with our searing pencil tips... it happens. But, by keeping one of these basic tools with your makeup at all times you can have clean, precise tips for perfect application, be it eye or lip liner.

4) Duo Glue;

These days there are so many eyelashes on the market, and some really affordable. Just because lashes are cheap does not mean they are not good, I personally love the Penneys range but will always team them with Duo Glue. This glue is great for any eyelash and when applied correctly they should not budge. It can also be used to apply glitter on the lid - but do be careful not to glue your eyes together!!

5) Tweezers;

Some people find it easier to apply lashes using tweezers, and there's absolutely no problem with that. I however prefer to have a tweezers on hand for any stray hairs that all of a sudden become unbearably noticeable as you're defining your brows. Too much hair can take away completely from the look so try have the space as hair-free as possible.