Make-Up: The Real Lowdown on Powders

So we often associate our powder with our foundation - one goes over the other, keeps it on & can't be worn without each other! However, this is not the total truth and powders have a bigger purpose than you might think, here are some examples below. 


1) Pressed Powders 

Pressed powders are the heaviest coverage you will find in the powder range. They provide a full matte coverage, generally speaking and are not advised for those of you with dry skin! Be careful not to use a full coverage powder over a full coverage liquid foundation as its too much on the skin and tends to cake and blotch. An example being MAC's Studio Fix Powder, 31.50euro 


2)Powder Balls

These products are slightly dated now but they do make a comeback come summertime. You'll see these most commonly applied with a brush to add a glow or shine to the skin. Make sure not to overdo it with as they can leave the face looking very glittery! An example being The BodyShop's Powder Balls 27.00euro 


3) Loose Powders; 

Loose powders give a much softer finish and are commonly used to set the makeup or shine. If you want to keep a dewy finish stay away from a heavy powder and only brush this lightly over the T-zone or your oiliest areas. An example of this would be Catrice's Nude Illusion Loose Powder at 5.59euro 


4)Bronzing Powders

As shown above some powders are used as foundations whereas when you grab a darker shade powder you can use it as your bronzer. The most important thing to note when using a dark powder as your contour or to shade the face is that it is matte. The matte texture will give you the precision you need. An example of this would be Inglot's AMC Face Powders at 15.00euro 


5)Highlighting Powders; 

So not all powders are about setting and shading, some are all about that glow! Generally people find highlight powders the easiest to apply as they can do so with a brush and let that do all the work! These powders look great on concentrated areas such as around the temples/cheekbones,over the cupids bow and down the centre of the nose if you'd like. The Balm's Mary-Loumanizer is a classic example at 26.00euro