Oil-Be-Back: 5 Cheap-As-Chips Tips to Stop the Oil Slick

There are so many quick ‘n’ easy beauty hacks that I regularly use that I want to share with you. I tend to raid my kitchen and use ingredients that are not only safe to eat/cook with/ingest but are also amazingly cost effective makeup alternatives.

So if you’re a bargain hunting, make up loving, beauty lover like all of us here at Beaut.ie, you are guaranteed to find at least one of these top five tips useful.

  • 1: Mattifying and long lasting foundation:

Mix ¼ or a teaspoon of cornflour in to your foundation if you’re looking for a matte and shine free result. Depending on how oily or dry your skin is, you can use more or less.

  • 2: Mattifying your favourite lip colour:

Loving your new lip colour but always thought it would look better in matte? Well now it can be. Dabbing your lips with cornflour to create a matte effect will create the look you so desire. And not only that, it will also lengthen the stay power to boot.

  • 3: Setting your make up:

Using cornflour as a setting powder is one of my personal favourites, probably cause my skin is quite oily. So this little tip keeps it shine free all day long.

  • 4: Dry Shampoo:

This one works a treat, I dust or sprinkle with my fingers the cornstarch on to my roots , work it in to my hair with my fingertips as if I were washing it, then thoroughly brush through my hair. Good as new!

  • 5: To stop smudgy eye liner, or eye shadow creasing:

As many of you with oily lids know,  by the end of the day you can look like a panda. Not anymore. By simply dabbing a little cornflour over your liner or under and over your eye shadow, your eye make-up will look freshly applied till you remove it that evening.

For some more DIY beauty tips, head on over to Beaut.ie and check out our homemade pore cleansing strips!