Pippa O’Connor wears the shoes we’ll be wearing this autumn



People, summer, is ovah. Unless you are going on your summer holiers, there is no point in buying any more hot weather clothes. When it’s cold in July, you’ve got to think autumn, for autumn is Ireland’s best season.

You don’t mind if it rains or is cold because it’s supposed to be; you are always pleasantly surprised when it’s warm and sunny (because, let’s be honest, we get more warm, sunny days in September than in May); and you can get back into your jeans and stop shaving and tanning your legs every second day.

Even better, you can give your feet a break and put those sandals back in the closet for another eleven months or so. Which means, it’s shoe shopping time! And the shoe style to rock this autumn is . . . the pointed ballet flat/loafer hybrid.

Pippa O’Connor knows.

The colour: metallic. The style loafer-esque. But you can take elements of the trend to suit your personal style. And because we’re sound that way, we’ve selected some similar shoes, for your pleasure:

Loafers are the easiest footwear to show you’re chic. You decide whether you like them pointed, with a buckle, or carrying the ghost of Louise XVI.

We’ve found five pairs that fit the bill; check them all out over on Beaut.ie.