So You’ve Been Applying Mascara Wrong This Whole Time


Mascara is one of those staple items that we all use. Over the years I’ve used hundreds of them, as I’m sure you have. Mascara can be a personal preference but it’s also a misunderstood product. Sometimes I feel it’s the application process that leads people to think the product isn’t a good one.

It should be simple, it’s such a basic product, but there’s more to applying it than meets the (panda) eye.

Here is how you should be applying mascara:

  • Dip your brush once in the mascara; that’s more than enough
  • Spend time combing through the lashes with your brush, and treating the lashes like a “fan” – that is what gives you professional results.
  • Work the mascara into the lash line in a zig-zag motion, and push it upwards with your wand.
  • Count to 60 for each eye, that should give you the ample time

If it’s a thicker more “doll-like” look you’re after check out this DIY tutorial.

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