Summer Scents

With the sun here to stay its not only time we dressed accordingly but smelt it too. With that in mind we have turned to the most trusting top 5 Summer Scents which will have you smelling fruity and girly all the way into Autumn!


1) Marc Jacobs Delight Limited Edition 55.00

Marc Jacobs never fails! This gem up is usually availavble in the airport as they're one of the few places that stock their limited edition exclusives. We totally associate it with summer as its a vibrant version of the original daisy infused with juicy summer scents and with its pale blue liquid you can't miss it!


2) D&G 'Limperatrice' 3 52.00

This flamboyant fragrance is definitely the sweetest in its range. Made of a mouth-watering concoction of watermelon and offset by kiwi, everything about this perfume screams summertime, definitely an all-time favourite.


3) Hugo Boss Orange 52.00 (30ml)

This fragrance has been about since 2009 and is still equally as popular. Even before you smell it, you'll be drawn in by its creative orange flacon bottle. It has been described as white flowers mixed with orange blossom and some creamy vanilla, gentle yet fruity and sweet.


4) Jo Malone Grapefruit 80.00

You can never really go wrong with Joe Malone, whether its a candle, cream or perfume they always perform. This grapefruit cologne is refreshing and uplifting. A total fresh spring/summer smell. Its not just grapefruit either, they've only gone and perfected it with some rosemary, peppermint and pimento, perfect!


5) Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty 44.00

CK's Sheer Beauty, otherwise known as their mature Beauty's younger sister has been tipped as a 'confidence booster in a bottle!'. We can't say that for sure but its fresh, floral and fruity composition of bergamot, red berries and peach Bellini is definitely not to be shunned.