The Best Eyeshadow Colours for Blue Eyes



Some colours, shades and hues just don’t suit certain people. Of course, everyone should feel comfortable wearing whatever they damn well please, but some colours just look better: this boils down to colour theory.

The basic rule is that the colour directly opposite the colour of your eyes is your complementary colour.

So, directly opposite blue on the colour wheel are orange hues. This doesn’t mean that you need to go and buy a bright orange eyeshadow, we are talking tone. Orange tones will make your baby blues stand out or “pop”.

The three examples I am using are all from MAC, but there are many different brands of different price points that will work in the same way once you know what shade to go for. Use these as a guide.

  • MAC Bamboo

This light matte peachy toned transition colour is perfect for a blue eye. It is the most neutral form of orange, but will still have a similar result. It can be worn on its own or to blend out a darker shade.

  • MAC Amber Lights

This orange tone gold shadow has a shimmer finish as you can see. It’s a perfect colour to brighten blue eyes and can be worn all over the lid, or in the tear duct or lower lash line only.

  • MAC Saddle

With this matte toned orange/brown, you get the best of both worlds. Not quite orange enough to be orange, but still giving you that complimentary pop from the contrast. This kind of thing would look stunning.

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