The Secret Pro Tip to Make Your Foundation Last All Day

One of the questions I’m asked a lot in my job as a make up artist is “how do I make foundation last all day?”

Well, here is a little nugget of information that will change your life! It’s also an amazing tip for those of your with open pores, or fine lines.

  • What you will need:


Skin illuminator

Loose powder (invisible or tinted, your personal preference)





Prepping your skin is very important. The skin is like a giant sponge, and will absorb anything you put on it. Especially if you’re dehydrated, which most of us are.

  • Step 1: Take your chosen moisturiser and rub it vigorously between the balls of your fingers to heat it up.  Then count to 60 while massaging it in to your face in a circular motion. The skin will not absorb product unless it is warm.
  • Step 2: Choose something that gives a glow to the skin. There are loads of products to choose from, Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow, Mac’s strobe cream and Laura Mercier do a great shimmering primer. They are all very similar so choose the one you like. What you want from this step is to create an illuminating glow from under your foundation. Repeat step 1 with this product.
  • Step 3: Next take a loose powder, there are loads to choose from.  The translucent one will give you less coverage than the tinted one. Using a powder brush and light circular motions with your wrist, buff the translucent powder in to the skin. This is an amazing technique that fills lines, pores and creates an amazing hold for your foundation to attach itself to all day long!
  • Step 4: Time to apply your foundation of choice; I know we are generally told not to apply powder products before liquid or cream ones, but give it a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Using a brush or sponge or your clean fingers, apply your foundation starting with the middle of the face and working your way out. What you will notice is, you will use a lot less foundation, it will fill in lines, and pores, and you won’t need to top it up all day.
  • Step 5: For oily skin only, lightly set the foundation with the same loose powder focusing on the t-zone. This step does not need to be done for a dry skin.

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