The Ultra Glam Voluminous Look

Ultra glam volume is a great versatile look – whether you’re channeling a rock chick vibe or going for something more relaxed we’re showing you how this ultra voluminous look can be super glam and simple to do.

  1. As a prep for your locks start with TRESemmé’s Platinum Strength Shampoo and Conditioner. The ultimate result of this duo is healthy looking hair that stays smooth. When used together - up to 5 times consecutively - it can repair up to two years of damage leaving it more manageable and beautifully healthy looking.


  1. Once it is washed and prepped, spray some of TRESemmé’s Heat Protect Spray. This is essential in guarding your tresses against any heat damage that may occur from using heated irons on it. Once protected, straighten your hair using your preferred straightening tool.


  1. Given this look is all about volume, we need to lock as much body into the root as possible. Start by brushing the hair back off the face, and separate the top section or crown of the hair. As we are going to pin the sides, it is not necessary to tease these areas, mainly the front back section. Dividing the crown into smaller sections, spray each row with TRESemmé’s Ultimate Hold Hairspray. Then with your comb or fine brush, brush from the end to root of the hair, teasing the strands. Repeat this to each of your sectioned parts.


  1. When done carefully, there should be a great amount of volume created - if it’s too much initially, don’t panic! It’s easy to tame it. Leaving your very front layer free from teasing, pull it back over the teased sections. Spray the Ultimate Hold Hairspray again to the sides of the hair combing each side behind the ear for a sleek finish.


  1. If you feel more secure with them, feel free to pin the sides you have combed behind the ears. By pinning these back, you are creating an even bigger differentiation between your voluminous crown and sleek sides. For good measure, finish off the look with another spray of hairspray to tame any flyaways and to lock your look in place!