Top 5 Products for that Ultimate Glow


So with that bit of sunshine about, we’re all scrambling for that bronzed, goddess effect right!? Well here are 5 short trips to that ultimate glow - a must have in any makeup bag!


1) MAC Soft & Gentle Powder - This is one of MAC’s best -sellers. Its a thin glittery powder, which suits all skins and very easily applied with a brush.


2) TopShop's Glow 'Polished' - This is one of my favourite and must have products. Don’t be fooled into thinking its not as a good as a high street brand - its better! This is a cream highlight that gives a lovely glow and an absolute bargain at 12€ for a pot.


3) The Balm's 'Mary-Louminizer' Highlighter - This product is from Make-Up Forever and gives gorgeous golden sheen. Its a multi-purpose powder in that it can be used as an eyeshadow - particurlaly effective around the tear ducts to wake us up!


4) Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher - The makeup genius that is Charlotte Tilbury really got it right with this product! A highlighter without the sheen to bring your features forward. Perfect for those of you who like a good contour with no shiny products!


5) MAC's 'Vanilla' Pigment - Now this is a bit of a plot twist. Yes its a loose eyeshadow, but we can also use it as a highlighter. This is perfect for that high shine effect - team up with this product and save your pennies.