Tresemme Hairstyles: Grecian Inspired Do

This laid back on-trend style is a must-have for the summer months. If you’re attending a formal occasion or rockin’ a full length dress, then this hair do is the ideal accessory to make the outfit! It’s all about relaxed, textured waves.

  1. The perfect prep to start with is TRESemmé’sPerfectly (un)Done Shampoo and Conditioner- this range is silicone free which means hair isn’t weighed down, perfect for when you want to create natural looking waves, exactly what we’re after!


  1. The Perfectly (un)Done Shampoo and Conditioner’s partner in crime, TRESemméPerfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam is our next step. The foam contains Sea Kelp extract, which helps create a casual, textured style but will still leave you with a beautiful natural looking finish.


  1. Now for the styling! If you’re someone with wavier hair naturally, you may decide to let it set on its own. However, if it’s just not as wavy as you’d hoped, that’s ok. To style we need slim curling tongs. This will help create tighter, curlier strands, which we will brush through after.


  1. Then, we need to tease the sides. Start by spraying some of TRESemmé’s Ultimate Hold Hairspray about 10cm from the hair. Then with your comb or brush, brush from the ends to the root to create body. Do this to either side and the top part of the head.


  1. Then, gather all the hair, pulling it back off the face lightly to keep the body in that you’ve created. Clip it either side to secure it and bring all the hair to the one side. Once it’s set, give it a good spray of TRESemmé’s Ultimate Hold Hairspray. For humidity resistant, maximum hold that’ll keep your hair intact all day long!