Tresemme Hairstyles: Inverted French Braid

This inverted braid is a really intricate style but the good news is that it looks far trickier to achieve than it is, especially with salon-quality products and tips from TRESemmé!

1) We recommend you begin with TRESemmé’s Perfectly (un) Done Shampoo and Conditioner. This range is silicone free which means hair isn’t weighed down; perfect for that braid look we are creating!

2) Once the hair is washed and prepped we can begin our look.  We will be working in reverse with this, starting at the back of the head. The braid will only fill the bottom half of the hair so divide it into two sections and clip the top section away to make it easier for you to work.

3) Then just as you would with a braid, divide a small part of the hair into three bits. Take the right side and cross it under the middle section. Then, take the left side crossing it underneath the middle part also. Continue this through the bottom half of the hair picking up more hair each time as you go along.

4) Next join the top half of the hair. Secure the bottom half with the top part into a ponytail. Then, wrap the ponytail around itself, forming a bun. For a softer, looser touch secure the bun by clipping around it.

5) With your hairstyle in place, we need to make sure that it stays with no flyaway hairs. For this we recommend you use TRESemmé’s Ultimate Hold Hairspray. This hairspray is humidity resistant and will tame any flyaways you may have at the sides. The ideal finishing touch to lock your style in without creating sticky or stiff hair!



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