Tresemme Hairstyles: Waterfall Braid

This braid is a great twist to add to an effortless wavy look and the perfect subtle change for a day look, a festival style or a fancy occasion. Good news – it’s a lot easier to achieve than it looks with the right tips and products from TRESemmé!

  1. It’s a waterfall braid which looks great when complimented with loose effortless waves. TRESemmé’s Perfectly (un)Done Shampoo and Conditioner has us covered here – the range is silicone free which means hair isn’t weighed down, perfect for when you want to create natural looking waves.
  2. Next, on damp hair apply TRESemmé Perfectly (un) Done Wave Creating Sea Foam. The foam contains Sea Kelp extract, which helps create a casual, textured style but will still leave you with a beautiful natural looking finish.
  3. Now that the prepping is done, it’s on to the styling! Take a deep section of side fringe or just side hair in general. Divide this into three parts. Place the left part over the right and the right part down the middle of the braid. Release left strand, i.e let it hang and take up a new a piece of hair from below. Take this new piece over the centre. The key motion is to keep dropping a strand after every three braids.
  4. Once you have reached the back of the head, either use an elastic hair tie or clip into place to secure it. There you have it - the ultimate beach hair look, achieved effortlessly from your own home using professional yet affordable products for salon-worthy looks.