Why you need a liquid bronzer, and how to use it



For someone who likes things to be in their place and is uncomfortable with change, the beauty world is giving me the jitters. I now use a moisturiser that’s a liquid (Lancôme Énergie de Vie), an oil shampoo on my fine, oily hair (what?), but can I really go as far to use a liquid bronzer?


Bronzers and blushers are traditionally found in powder form, and that’s the way I, and a lot of other people, like it. I don’t use cream or liquid blush or highlighters because they don’t work on my oily face. I haven’t found any that doesn’t cause my makeup to slip off or make my face to look even shinier.

However, even though creams and liquids scare people, mostly because they don’t quite know how to use them, they are worth considering because, when applied properly, they can create a natural look that stays put longer than their powder cousin.

Bronzers, though? Is liquid bronzer really a good idea? I have a bad track record with bronzer because I’m so pale; it generally just makes me look dirty. However, I’ve been experimenting with a liquid bronzer I got my mitts on (Bare Mineral Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer €30 in Debenhams) and I find it suits even my oily skin much better than any powder bronzer I’ve used. 

The secret is in the application. Like with most Bare Minerals products, this comes with its own special brush, but I prefer to use it with a Beauty Blender, but be warned, it’s quite watery so you have to be careful it doesn’t drip everywhere. It’s buildable, so you can bronze as dark or light as you like.

If €30 is too much to splash out on if you’re still not sure about liquid bronzers, have we got a dupe for you. Find out what it is on Beaut.ie.