Yes, you really need to use an eye cream. Here's why



I read recently that Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't use eye cream. An "expert" told her all of these add-on beauty products are a bunch of baloney. She uses sunscreen, moisturiser (La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane Fluid, as it happens!) lip gloss at night and that's really it.


I, however, have been layering product after product on my face morning and night in the hopes of some miracle occurring. It's not as complex as the regimen Beauty Ed Aisling has embarked on, but it's enough to make me not want to go to bed at night. Since discovering fine lines around me peeps a couple of years ago I decided that prevention is better than cure and have added an eye cream - Lancome's Advanced Génifique Eye Serum Light-Pearl - to my routine.


Honestly, I'm not sure if it works; ageing simply can't be reversed with a lotion. Creams designed for the eye area can, however, slow down the ageing process. Perhaps if I didn't use my serum, I would be seeing a lot more lines right now. Impossible to say. 


The reasons why experts who don't follow SJP's friend's point of view recommend using products for your eye area are convincing.

For one, wrinkles are much more pronounced when your skin is dry - and because the skin around the eye is so thin and delicate, wrinkles around this area will be more noticeable. A hydrating, plumping cream or serum can help with this, and a designated eye cream is a definite must. Don't use the same cream you use for the rest of your face. It's too heavy for the eye area and can cause puffiness.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich is a good eye cream to start with (especially at this time of year). It claims to get rid of dark circles and fine lines by boosting the natural collagen production of the skin round the eyes. The botanicals in its formula also deal with puffiness.

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