Zara has a new evening collection & the star item costs €45.95





No matter what occasion you're dressing for, you will find something suitable in Zara. It's the store that caters for any age and any aesthetic. I am a huge fan.

Zara has come under fire from designers for being big copycats, but I can't bring myself to boycott. It has brilliant sales - I got an expensive looking leather biker jacket there during the summer that was reduced to about €60 - and even when it's not sale time the prices are still keen.

Fellow fans will be delighted and maybe a bit surprised to know that the new evening collection is not expensive. It's bigger than I expected, too, and tbh not everything is very evening-y. There are mini-skirts and trousers that verge on the disco-legging spectrum, but also fancy jackets and gorgeous bags.





One of my favourite pieces is this velvet blazer (€89.99), which will solve a host of "but what will I wear over it?" dilemmas.


I also love this dress, that I wrote about yesterday, and these cropped trousers (€39.95).

To see the star of the show, head on over to