Cork Film Festival Preview: Irish Gala - The Racer

The 65th Cork International Film festival takes place online this year from November 8th-15th!

We are highlighting a selection of the films you can enjoy over the festival when you purchase a digital pass.

The Irish Gala event features The Racer, Kieron J. Walsh's fictional film set in 1988 during the opening stages of the Tour de France, as it passed through Ireland. 

Summer 1998: the opening stages of Le Tour de France are relocated to Ireland. Belgian rider Dom Chabol (Louis Talpe) has been one of the best ‘Domestiques’ (support riders) for the last 20 years: a sacrificial role, setting pace to enable the team’s sprinter to victory; winning is not an option. But Dom harbours a desire to wear the yellow jersey, just once before his career is over. Secret doping, team rivalry and a little romance fuel the exhilarating action and dark comedy that drives The Racer to pack an adrenalin-filled punch right to the finish line.

Find out about screenings of The Racer on the Cork International Film Festival website here.

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