Cork woman set to star in Netflix's version of Love Island called 'Too Hot To Handle'

Netflix are set to launch their own version of Love Island.

The show, called "Too Hot To Handle" will launch on the streaming service this Friday April 17th. 

The new reality show follows a similar format to the popular ITV show - a group of singletons are to live with each other, have to get to know each other and perform various tasks.

However the Netflix show will have a twist. If couples get a bit too close or end up "coupling up", it risks their chances of winning the prize fund of $100,000.

The contestants will be told if any intimacy happens, that the jackpot will be impacted. Therefore the contestants have to keep their distance while trying to find love.

Among the ten contestants, who are sure to become household names across the country, is Nicole O'Brien from Cork. Nicole describes herself as a 'public figure' and full time influencer. She has been living in Greenwich in London for the past few years.




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