Gary and Paul O'Donovan Set For Graham Norton Show

Olympic Silver Medalists Gary and Paul O'Donovan are set to make an appearance with Graham Norton on BBC One.

The Skibbereen brothers made quite the impression on Ireland and the world alike thanks to their hilarious interviews over the duration of the Summer Olympics in Rio, so much so that Bandon native Graham Norton has invited the pair on his New Years Eve special on BBC One.

Gary and Paul will be joined by Kerryman Michael Fassbender and his X Men co-star James McAvoy.

Fassbender and McAvoy are not on the show to promote any X Men related movies this time around but instead the duo are on the couch to promote their respective upcoming releases. McAvoy stars in M Night Shyamalan's newest thriller Split, while Fassbender will be talking about the movie adaption of the game Assassin's Creed and will be joined by Marian Cotillard who also appears in the movie. 

Norton told listeners on his popular radio show that the O'Donovan Brothers were his highlight of this year's Olympic Games.


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