Here Are The Wealthiest Musicians In Britain and Ireland

If there's any inspiration to pick up a guitar and write some music, it's this list.

The Sunday Times have released their Rich List and we must say we feel great about ourselves after reading how much these musicians are worth. 

The Rolling Stones are the richest band with a combined worth of €808m followed by U2's combined value of €641m.

Other Irish stars that appear in the Top 50 are Michael Flatley, Enya and Van Morrison.


1 Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell €974m
2 Andrew Lloyd-Webber €917m 
3 U2 €641m 
4 Elton John €359m
5 Mick Jagger €301m 
6= Olivia and Dhani Harrison €282m 
6= Keith Richards €282m 
8 Ringo Starr €256m 
9 Michael Flatley €254m 
10 Sting €237m 
11= Eric Clapton €205m 
11= Rod Stewart €205m 
11= Roger Waters €205m 
14 Tom Jones €199m 
15 Tim Rice €192m 
16 Robbie Williams €186m 
17 Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne €173m
18= Brian May €154m 
18= Charlie Watts €154m 
20 Roger Taylor €147m 
21 Phil Collins €141m 
22= George Michael €135m 
22= Jimmy Page €135m 
24 Robert Plant €132m 
25= John Deacon €128m 
25= David Gilmour €128m
27 Calvin Harris €122m
28 Enya €117m 
29 Iman Abdulmajid and Duncan Jones €115m 
30 Adele €109m
31= Gary Barlow €96m 
31= Mark Knopfler €96m 
31= Nick Mason €96m 
31= Pete Townshend €96m 
35 Engelbert Humperdinck €90m 
36= Noel and Liam Gallagher €83m 
36= Brian Johnson €83m 
36= Chris Martin €83m 
39= Barry Gibb €77m 
39= John Paul Jones €77m 
41 Cliff Richard €74m 
42= Guy Berryman €71m 
42= Jonny Buckland €71m 
42= Will Champion €71m 
42= Kylie Minogue €71m
42= Ronnie Wood €71m 
47= Jay Kay €64m 
47= Van Morrison €64m 
49= Peter Gabriel €58m 
49= Mick Hucknall €58m 
49= Ed Sheeran €58m 
49= Bernie Taupin €58m

When it comes to the list of the 10 richest young musicians, which consists of anyone under 30 years old, One Direction come out on top as Britain and Ireland's most wealthy band. The line up of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have a combined worth of €168m, that's €42m which is an extra €10m each compared to last year's list. Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has added a nice €6m to his wealth thanks to the success of his debut solo album Mind Of Mine which stormed the charts in the UK and US upon it's release. Topping the solo artist list is Adele which is no surprise following the success of her album 25 and her tour. The singer is closing in on doubling the worth of the second richest in the list, Ed Sheeran who is sitting on a cool €58m. New entries to the young musicians list since last year are Sam Smith and Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine.


1 Adele €109m 
2 Ed Sheeran €58m 
3= Niall Horan €42m 
3= Liam Payne €42m 
3= Harry Styles €42m 
3= Louis Tomlinson €42m 
7 Zayn Malik €38m
8= Sam Smith €26m 
8= Florence Welch €26m 
10 Ellie Goulding €22m

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