Mrs Brown's Boys To Tour United States

It seems that the popular Mrs Brown's Boys tour cold be heading Stateside!

Brendan O'Carroll and the rest of the cast of the hit show have just returned from a sell out tour of Australia and New Zealand and are setting their sights on new pastures.

Brendan's sister Eilish who plays Winnie on the series was speaking on TV3's Six O'Clock Show admitting that she thinks some of Mrs Brown's Boys material might be a bit racy for American audiences.

She said "I think Brendan's been asked, as there's a lot of interest Stateside to bring the show over there. I don't know whether there's a reluctance on his part, but I actually feel that part of America is very Bible-bashing country and I reckon we could be strung up as soon as we land.

"You know, it would be risky - we'd have to be very selective on the states we went to. But I mean, it's hugely popular in the States. They obviously get it via the BBC channel.

"I get a lot of fan mail from people in the US who have seen it on YouTube, saying, 'When are you bringing it over to the States?'

"I would love it to go to the States, and I would imagine that it's a huge possibility."

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