This Christmas Ad Made For €50 Will Leave You In Tears

The latest viral Christmas video was made for just €50.

Since it has started to spread across the internet there are calls for the creators of the ad to make the next John Lewis ad as it's tugged on many heart strings for a tiny budget compared to the millions spent for the retailer.

The short film is called Love Is a Gift and was created by Phil Beastall and has been viewed over 5 million times. The short sees a man preparing for Christmas as he looks at the date for December 25th with anticipation. On Christmas Day he opens a box of dated cassettes and plays them on a Walkman. We quickly figure out that he is listening to tapes recorded by his mother before she died.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Beastall said "It was a last minute decision really, I was a frustrated film maker and I rally wanted to get a film out there.

"I really wanted to create something that resonated with people because especially in today's society we need a reminder that we are not just defined by our career and family does come first."

Thousands of comments have been posted about the video with many saying that the video has reduced them to tears.

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