WATCH: Ever Wondered What A Pizza Or Wrap Would Sound Like On A Record Player...

We admit, we never had wondered but the internet is a weird and wonderful place!

You can thank Jay from the KC Show for this one! 

Sometimes it takes others to conduct the experiments that you would never have thought to conduct yourself. The internet has provided us with this video of someone testing what a pizza would sound like when used as a replacement for a vinyl on a record player. Apparently there's a difference in sound between a frozen pizza and one that has been cooked in an oven! Take a listen for yourself...

We're sorry.

In all seriousness though, here's a pretty cool video where someone has actually etched into a tortilla wrap in order for it to play "The Mexican Hat Dance" also known as "Jarabe Tapatío". Keeping with the theme, nice!

We're genuinely impressed with the creativity behind this!


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