WATCH: Katy Perry Makes Generous Gesture to Orlando Shooting Victim

This will bring a tear to your eye...

It's been three months since the horrific shootings in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Omar Mateen opened fire in a packed nightclub on June 12 killing 49 and injuring 53 others in what was America's largest mass shooting to date.

One of those wounded was Tony Marrero who was at the club on the night of the shooting with his best friend and colleague Luis Velma. Tony and Luis were about to leave the nightclub when Mateen started shooting randomly at people enjoying their night out. Tony was shot four times in the back but miraculously all shots missed his vital organs. Unfortunately his friend Luis was killed in the attack.

Ellen DeGeneres invited Tony on her show after a photo of him with a sign above his hospital bed caught her eye. Tony was pictured with a sign of Dory from the Finding Nemo and Finding Dory movies with her famous motivational quote referenced saying "I'm Still Swimming".

Marrero said that Katy Perry's newest song Rise inspired him to keep going and helped immensely in his recovery.

Without much warning for Tony, DeGeneres introduced a tearful Katy Perry who was in the studio to surprise the brave guest.

Katy was extremely emotional after hearing Tony's story saying she had “folded a napkin in my hand, like a little granny, I had it up my sleeve.”

Perry was so moved by the whole story that she offered to pay for Marrero's first year of film school.

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