WATCH: New Irish based film features some of the worst Irish accents you'll hear - even though one of the actors is from Ireland!

Rotten Tomatoes released the trailer for upcoming movie "Wild Mountain Thyme" on Twitter last night and it didn't take long for it to go viral in Ireland!

The movie stars Emily Blunt, Christopher Walken, Jon Hamm and Ireland's own Jamie Dornan and is based on the play "Outside Mullingar" which is written by the film's director John Patrick Shanley.

The plot of the movie sees Rosemary Muldoon (Emily Blunt) getting involved in a love triangle between her farmer neighbour Anthony Reilly (Jamie Dornan) and Adam (Jon Hamm). Adam is the visiting American who will be sold his uncle Tony Reilly's (Christopher Walken) family farm instead of giving it to his son Anthony (Jamie Dornan) - getting a lot of "The Field" vibes here.

Watching the trailer you'll notice the abundance of terrible Irish accents, even to the point that Jamie Dornan, who is from Down, has a questionable twang. Although the accents may not be as bad as Tom Cruise in "Far and Away", they're still hard to swallow to the point that it seems like a parody of itself.

The movie is set to be released on December 11th 2020 - so we all know what we're doing around Christmas then!

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