WATCH: Orange Is The New Black Release New Trailer Including Return Date

Orange Is The New Black has teased fans ahead of it's upcoming fifth season.

The last season of the extremely popular Netflix show left on a huge cliffhanger in Litchfield Prison with fans itching to know what's going to happen next.

Netflix have now released a brand new teaser to build momentum ahead of the return of the next season.

The teaser doesn't give any of the drama away but we see quick flashes of various inmates looking tense.

In an interview with E! last month, Orange Is The New Black actress Danielle Brooks aka Taystee revealed that season five will revolve around a three-day span with a "very detailed, very intense" storyline.

At the end of the trailer we find out that we will be able to find out what happens next on June 9th 2017. Pencil it in now as a Netflix binge session!

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