Watch Shaggy, The Rubberbandits and Spencer Matthews #BeBold all over Ireland!

The three stars used their time after Orchard Thieves’ ‘Bold Hour’ to be even bolder, bringing Irish fans on random adventures across the country

Had anyone ever dreamed of crashing a party with Shaggy, they should have been at Orchard Thieves’ Bold Hour this Thursday as four lucky consumers got that very opportunity. In scenes captured from the Bold Hour, Orchard Thieves shows Ireland what they missed out on by not embracing spontaneity.

The video shows Shaggy, Spencer Matthews and The Rubberbandits taking lucky groups of friends on adventures across Dublin, Galway and Cork. The unexpected detour saw fans being bundled from The Bold Hour, into a blacked out car where they met the respective personalities before being told where they were going.

In Dublin, the car drove towards The Burlington where the Irish Media Awards were taking place. As the car pulled up, Shaggy informed his group they were going to crash the party and sure enough, they burst in the doors, grabbed the mic and launched into Shaggy’s #1 hit, ‘Boombastic’ to a very surprised and confused crowd.

In Galway, Spencer refused to inform the group where they were going until they pulled up and the doors opened. Once opened the group were faced with a helicopter and pilot. Spencer hopped in, inviting his crew to join. They took off and glided over Galway, landing in an empty castle. Ending their adventure with a pint, they ploughed a fox flag into the ground outside, marking their boldness.

Cork’s adventure led the group to a local art school where Blindboy Boatclub and Mr Chrome challenged the fans to a life drawing class. As the group were handed out a canvas each, in walked their model: a 60 year old male, dressed in nothing but underwear and a fox mask. As the painting commenced, The Rubberbandits circled the room, hilariously commenting on the group’s attempts, much to the dismay of the model. After much deliberation between the two, a winner was chosen.

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