WATCH: THAT Guy From Fyre Festival Documentary Is Helping Ryan Reynolds Sell His Gin And It's Hilarious!

Andy King who appeared in Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary has appeared in the latest advert for Ryan Reynolds' gin.

King worked as a producer of the failed Fyre Festival organised by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, who is now jailed. King was asked by McFarland to offer oral sex to a customs agent to get water permitted into the festival site, with King admitting he was prepared to go ahead with the task if needs be. Following the documentary, Andy became the subject of many memes.

King seems to find humour in the whole story as he agreed to appear in a promotional video for actor Ryan Reynolds' Aviantion Gin.

In the ad, Reynolds is seem handcrafting the bottles for his gin brand and talking about how far he'd go for the company before it cuts to Andy King sitting at a bar watching the promo and agreeing with the actor.

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