We Have A New Member of the Dumbest Criminal Club

This guy must have been very stuck for a singular venetian blind to go to this effort.

Usually when we hear of robberies or heists the items stolen are generally something of a lot of value or something subtle so you wouldn't get caught.

So a venetian blind wouldn't be the first thing to come to mind when thinking of something someone may rob from a shop.

Northampton Police has released photos from CCTV footage of a man who "allegedly" stole one of the blinds from a store in Nene Valley Retail Park, Northampton.

As you can see in the photo the perpetrator didn't have much choice with what to do to conceal said blind. It appears the suspect has stuffed the singluar blind down his trousers and up the back of his jacket with his hood hiding that last bit.

Of course with the obvious nature of the crime, security guards were quick to spot the man and followed him to a nearby canal where he made a run for it, dropping his precious venetian blind and damaging it as a result.


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