Westlife To Perform At Dancing With The Stars Final

Westlife are set to perform on the final of Dancing with the Stars.

The four-piece will step on to the dancefloor on the tv show on March 24th, making it their first performance in Ireland since reforming.

Producers of the show are said to be delighted to secure the group for the final of the show, with more than a little help from Westlife member Nicky Byrne who is a host of the show. Nicky has been balancing Westlife's promotional tours and his hosting duties since the show returned. Byrne has even flown back from the Far East to make sure he was back in Dublin for the dancing contest.

An insider on the show said: "With the collapse in record sales, it's very hard for big artists to justify coming over and doing TV shows in Ireland.

"You can see the problems the Late Late Show has sometimes, it was even harder for Dancing with the Stars to get big names. For the first year or two, we really struggled.

"Thankfully now, the record companies are coming to us with with well-known names and we can pick and choose.

"It's a win-win because we're delighted to give them one of the biggest platforms to reach an audience on Irish TV."

Westlife's comeback single 'Hello My Love' which was co-written by Ed Sheeran, has reached number two in the Irish charts and charted in over 50 other countries since it's release. The group will also perform at two sold out concerts at Dublin's Croke Park this summer.


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