WhatsApp Group Messages Have An Interesting New Feature

You'll never be able to escape the group chat now!

A lot of you out there are probably part of a WhatsApp group. Some can be overwhelming, others manageable. After deciding to have an early night you might wake up to 243 messages that you slept through and now have to somehow catch up with all the shenanigans. At work you might try and use the handy mute function whereby you won't get a notification for the messages but you can catch up later on in the day or in some cases, a week.

However you sneaky mute users may not be too happy to hear that a new feature in WhatsApp messages will mean you'll get a notification even if you've muted a conversation! You won't be able to avoid the group chat any more as the messaging app have introduced a new '@' feature to get the attention of a particular member of the chat. WhatsApp are following a similar model to Twitter who use the @ symbol to tag users. On WhatsApp, this will allow you to tag multiple people within the group.

This new feature will be handy for getting the attention of someone in particular who is useless at replying in the group.

WhatsApp have been adding new features to the app such as GIFs and formatted text recently in a bid to enhance their users experience.

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