Day 10 - Philip's Blog

Day 10 and I'm feeling good!

Decided to switch up the fruit game a bit today and combine the fresh strawberries and grapes from the Centra Live Well hamper. Last week I matched some apples with a pear and they complimented each other really well as an afternoon snack during what was a particularly busy day.

I found that the fruit bowl was the perfect answer to my energy drain come midday and a great solution to keep me going until the afternoon so i decided to attempt the same today with the tasty strawberries and grapes.

The great thing about fruit is how versatile it can be! I used the same combination of fruit last week to make a delicious healthy dessert using greek yoghurt and granola to satisfy my cravings for something sweet. I'm finding the challenge of coming up with different ways to get through the hamper really enjoyable.

Two of my 5 a day in the bag here with this simple, yet satisfying snack!