Sales of fruit & veg soar but Ireland is still only getting HALF of its 5-a-Day

Only a third of the nation are getting their full 5-a-day

Ireland gets exotic with mango sales up by a staggering 420% in Centra stores

Though it would seem as a nation we are more informed than ever on achieving a healthy lifestyle, research shows that we are only getting half of our 5-a-day. The majority of us know about 5-a-day (75%), but only 36% of us actually consume it.

Starting from today, Centra has launched its 5-a-day challenge encouraging customers to increase their intake of fruit and veg over the next 21 days (because we all know it takes 21 days to create a habit!). Leading Irish blogger and Centra ambassador Pippa O’Connor, who launched Centra’s 5-a-day challenge today, will blog her progress during the 21 days and is calling on the rest of Ireland to join her!

To help you take the challenge, Centra and consultant dietician Sarah Keogh have created a week by week guide offering hints and tips on ways to increase your daily intake of fruit and veg. Check out for the week by week guide, as well surprisingly simple recipe ideas to help change habits. To make it even easier, Centra will have plenty of fresh offers over the coming weeks including 21 cent for a pink lady apple, banana or orange, a punnet of blueberries for just €1, as well as 3 for €2 on a range of fruit and vegetables. On the 1st February, a punnet of blueberries will be just 5cent via the Centra app.

The 5-a-day campaign builds on Centra’s commitment to shake up the convenience sector by providing healthy choices on-the-go. Since the launch of Centra’s Live Well programme last summer, the retailer has sold an additional half a million pieces of fruit. Sales results show a growing trend towards certain fruit and vegetables, with avocados remaining on trend with sales rising by over 90% in Centra stores. Due to increased availability, sales of sweet potatoes have risen by over 200% and sales of mangos have risen by a staggering 420% in Centra stores.

Speaking about her involvement, Pippa said, “I’m conscious that I need to get into the habit of getting my 5-a-day as I’m definitely guilty of getting less than five every day because I’m constantly on-the go. For me, with a growing family, I need to get the right balance in my diet and this challenge gives me all the tips and hacks to help me on my way. I’m committed to getting into the habit of increasing my 5-a-day intake and I’m calling on the nation to join me in the challenge!”

Speaking at the launch Sarah Keogh, Consultant Dietician with and a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute said: “Too many people are confused about healthy eating with many caught up in the idea of the perfect diet, the “all-or-nothing” approach which is hard to sustain.  This applies to getting your 5-a-day. It doesn’t have to be complicated and the tips I’ve drawn up are easy to follow. Centra will be providing information, offers and support to help you improve eating habits. Best of luck!”

Check out for Sarah Keogh’s blog on getting your 5-a-Day along with information and great offers across fruit and veg in your local Centra store.