5 Fab Foundations Over €30 for Cool Skin Tones


If you have cool or pink toned skin, it can often be difficult to find the perfect foundation. This may be because some brands are limited in their colour ranges, while others tend to focus more so on the yellow bases.

So I thought I would put together so of the top ranges who have thought about our typically Celtic cool toned skin types, and not only have us covered our faces but do so in pure luxury.

Make Up For Ever

To kick off my top five foundations for pink tones, I suggest Make Up For Ever. Being a make up artist brand, they have accommodated for pink, yellow and neutral toned skin types.

They come in an array of foundation types to suit all sorts of skin needs. So if you’re dry, oily or combination and whether you like full, medium or light coverage, Make Up for Ever can help you colour match all you cool/ pink needs to perfection.


Dior are known to have a tendency to run their colours with a focus on the cool skin tone.

Now the unfortunate thing about Dior is that it is one of the highest price points for a foundation but those who use it, swear by it and would never dream of changing (my own mother being one).

If you are looking for a luxury foundation for that pink tone, check out the Dior offerings.

Make Up Atelier

This is one of my favorite foundations of all time.

It really lifts the skin, evens it out and it stays on all day and night,and the next day if you don’t sleep on your face (if you’re so inclined, like).

It’s amazing for an oily skin type, and not too dehydrating. It photographs really and a little goes a long way.

But most importantly, they do a range on pink toned shades for all you cool skin toned folk.


Lancome is a good brand for considering pink tones in their collections.

Depending on what type of skin you have and what type of effect you have in mind for the finish of your foundation, rest assure you have a wide choice with these guys.

Mac NW Foundation

If some of you were reading our article on why Mac has confusing labeling, you will know this foundation is more for cool toned skin or pink skin tones.

This foundation is a great one for pink toned skin (and if you are exceptionally warm toned, the N shade will be best for you).

But be aware that when purchasing different foundation types in Mac, not all the colours are the same. For example, NW20 in Studio Fix Fluid is very different to an NW20 in Prolong Wear Waterproof foundation. So just be aware to trial it out or test it out on the said of your face in day light.

And don’t worry before some of you nearly faint with the price point, we will be doing a low budget version also. Until then head on over to Beaut.ie for more on all things beauty.